Cheese Shredder "pelican head" issues.

Hey all,
I’ve had this Pelican head cheese shredder for a while, it’s an old Hobart… when I go to use it the silver aluminum seems to come-off onto the cheese. I remember posting about this a longggg time ago, but couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I decided to put it on the back burner.
Now we just changed our cheese and NEED to shred (use to slice). So is there any type of cleaner or coating that I can put on this pelican head to stop the metal from rubbing onto the cheese?

And if not, does anyone have a pelican head up for sale?


You’ve replaced the blade?? Or is it coming from the head itself??

it’s coming from the unit itself, the actual pelican head, not the blade.

When you clean it are you soaking it in a different sanitizer then you used to? I’ve found if aluminum is soaked too long in a high bleach solution , the bleach will free up the aluminum and cause such a situation.

i dont know what it was cleaned with before, I picked this up a while back and it’s done it since I got it.
I’ve tried washing it over and over again with regular dish soap and even putting a nice coat of Veg. oil over the entire thing and baking it in the oven to “season” it, thinking it would give it a nice coating. But neither worked.

i think this happened to one of our old units and we put a very small amount of mineral oil on the round part of the shaft and wiped off any excess before we used it…see if that helps

what is mineral oil? and where can i pick it up?

Check your home improvement stores, it should be in the aisle with floor coatings. I’ve used it on a bajillion wood floors over the years.