Cheese Shredding Options

I am wanting to make the switch to shredding my own cheese. I currently pay 2.41 and 2.45 for the blends I use, and block costs about $.15 less per pound, just for mozz. I think I am being screwed by sysco on my cheese prices.

Anyways, I am looking for a cheese shredding/dicing machine. I tell the owner we will be looking at spending $1k-$2k minimum, but he insists that you can get them for $600-$800. He is referring to something like this:

or this:

These look like they would not be very fast at all, and would require you to cut your blocks up into a ton of small pieces. Can anyone comment here?

Our mixer is a 60qt Welbilt Varimixer with a #17 hub. It looks like my only option here is the Varimixer 312GS Shredder, with a #17 to #12 hub adapter. Anyone have experience with this? Would there be any difference in the Pelican Head vs the Varimixer? Basically im trying to spend less than $1000 here (varimixer head, adapter and blade come out to right around $1000), any help or advice would be appreciated.


We use a Stephan VCM44. It will “dice” 20 lbs in about 25 seconds. You can find them used for $2500-$3500. In our store, based on 15 cents per pound savings the machine pays for itself on cheese every six months or so… Plus we use it to make dough.

We also use a Hobart vcm the same as bodega 20 pounds in about 30 seconds it is worth every penny and then some and it can come in handy as a back up dough mixer if your main one goes down as we all know at some point in time they do.

The first week I started managing, our mixer went down. So one other crew member and myself made 90lbs of dough by hand. Was not a fun day. My main problems are space, and price. The owner doesnt want to spend more than $1000. If we had more space and the budget to justify getting a HCM/VCM, then yes, I wouldn’t hesitate. But as it stands, it seems my only option is the Varimixer head right?

We are debating relocating in the future (1-2 years) and will buy all new hardware, including ovens and mixers/VCM’s and whatnot, but for now im looking to reduce food/paper costs as much as I can without breaking the bank, which is limited at the moment. Ive already brought them down from about 50-60% (old management/owners) to just under 30% (myself and the new owner), cheese is the next thing I want to tackle. I want to get to sub 20% if at all possible.