Cheese Shredding

Good Evening,

I have only worked with franchises that provide pre-diced mozzarella. As a small owner operator we have time in the AM I grind cheese, however, I have no idea where to start.

After researching today I’m thinking about purchasing a General All Purpose Mixer 10 or 20 quart and a Pelican head. It sounds like 3/32" Grater is the way to go.

I do roughly 7k-9k weekly. Using Grande Diced. I will most likely blend block Grande with another cheese yet to be determined. Am I on the right track?

Not sure what your cost will be but here is an option for you ($3,500.00):

I’ve got a VCM, love it so far. We do cheese and our ham in it, tried onions and GP but that didn’t work.

If you are using a large mixer for your dough, just buy a “pelican head” shredder/slicer for it * process your cheese that way…quite affordable vs the above listing…