Cheese stix

K, so maybe simple question to some, but me…uh, no. I want to make bread stix with cheese in the middle. I can make bread stix no problemo. But make em with cheese inside. no… I have been open 2 1/2 weeks now. And I am getting bombarded with cheese filled bread stix on an hourly basis…
Thanx all!

The product you are looking for is called “Bosco Sticks”. Your vendor probably carries them in stock. I believe they come frozen, and are cooked from frozen in your pizza oven.

I would guess they would be pretty difficult to make from scratch. The string cheese for the inside probably has to stay frozen until cooked, to keep its shape (similar to cheesesticks), which would probably play havoc with your dough exterior.

You can, indeed, find string cheese, but I do not recall the stuff I saw needing to be frozen. Get some long, thin strands of cheese, or melt your own using pizza cheese and a form.

Then, it would be like making raviolis: roll dough out into largish rectangle of appropriate size for the cheese logs, spritz dough with water and lay out ‘filling’ in parallel lines with space in between. Use a peel handle or something like that to press between the chesses to ‘seal’ the dough; cut them apart using a pizza wheel, and troll the sticks to get a better seal and shape. Pinch ends closed and let rise and bake.

It may not be a perfect process, but some testing will give you what you need. Alternatively, you can spritz dough, put little rows of pizza cheese along the bread, seal between and the bake.

Not sure what your asking butt,if it is mozz. sticks it is so much easier to buy than make your own.If you want to make your own it is fairly easy,but time consuming.Take some string chse.dip in an egg wash then into a a breadcrumb mix w/ italian seasonings in it and then freeze.


We were recently making cheese filled breadsticks. Just get some string cheese (many suppliers will have it) I believe the last string cheese I used came from Sargento. Form the dough into thin skins, like you would for a thin crust pizza, then, using a pizza wheel, cut the dough into strips wide enough to wrap around the string cheese and about 1/2-inch longer. Roll the dough around the string cheese and seal by putting just a little water on the sealing edge. Using your fingers, press the ends closed and set on a baling sheet with the seam facing down. Brush the breadsticks with a little olive oil and allow to proof for about 20 minutes, then bake until lightly browned. Use the string cheese at refrigerated temperature, not frozen.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

sorry about giving the wrong info. good luck on the breadsticks

In case you do end up buying Bosco Sticks from a distributor, a word of warning. They get moldy in about 5 days. I forget how many are in a case, maybe 150 or so. The instructions advise to freeze them and only thaw what you will use in a day. However, if you’re not guessing correctly you will either run out or end up with moldy product. And they are way too expensive to allow to go to waste.

I carried them for a couple months and they sold pretty well. In fact, I liked them a lot. But after throwing out a half-case a couple times I decided to cut my losses and 86 the product.

Customers complained but they’re happy now with ovenable mozz. sticks and my margins are much better. Plus, no waste.

we make our breadsticks we tried the bosco sticks i thought they were nasty no flavor tried to doctor them several different ways my final thoughts they belong in the gheeto with hunt bros pizzas and grape soda :smiley: gave a full case 170 bosco sticks to the local food bank.