Cheese Weights

How much cheese would you recommend using on a 12",14" and 16" pizzas?

We use 12 oz on a 16 inch.

I put 8 ounces of diced whole milk mozzarella on my 14"
you can do the math to come up with the same per square inch on your 12" and 16"

…remember, not all cheeses will be the same
if I was using Grande cheese 6.5 ounce may give me as good of coverage…


We use 6.5 on a 12", 10 on a 14", and 13 on a 16"

10oz Grande WM diced on my 14 inch

10oz Grande WM diced on my 14 inch

wow, that’s a lot of cheese on a 14" pizza…I am sure your customer love it.
I do 50% more or 12 ounces when they order extra cheese, I use Sorrento wm diced,