1. rest depot 2.80lb
  2. 2.79 at gfs
  3. Presto foods 2.53lb
  4. block price 2 week delay 2.01
    Is that where everyone else is?

$2.78 Vantiago shredded mozz/asiago blend through Delco (Bellissimo)

2.36 lmps from fsa. this week will probably be 2.44.

Grande East coast blend (717) $2.97 :smiley:

The block market dropped BIG yesterday. Hoping today brings more of the same. If it goes back to $1.20 I might even become an Obama fan.

2.85 Grande Whole milk loaf…

Down 7 more cents today. What size “Hope and Change” tshirt should I order for you Perfect Pizzas?


Cheese has dropped $0.26/lb 4 days after the election! But this market IS NOT manipulated.