We use Grande shredded mozz… it came in today @ 3.04/lb. i don’t want to switch but if costs stay where they are we might have to. In your experiences, what is a good alternative?

both Saputo and Sorrento make excellent whole milk mozz

A couple of thoughts:

  1. There are good alternative brands as mentioned above.
  2. That price seems unreasonably high. This week’s prices for 100% LMPS are $2.26 and $2.28 from our two suppliers.
  3. Buy cheese in blocks and shred it yourself. Block pricing can be 10 to 20 cents cheaper per pound and the shelf life is better too.

Rahter than swap out, I’d suggest ‘cutting’ the Grande with a good quality second cheese product, like those above. You still get the Grande experience that customers will expect, and you can wean them off it gradually if you want to . . . or just keep the blended brands if they respond well to it, and reap the $$$ benefits

I’m paying over $3 also for Grande Cheese. I checked Ben E Keith, Bellisimo, and Roma all pretty much the same. I tried to switch to a different cheese and my customers noticed immediately and not in a good way.

Try Lugano or Dragone. They’re both very similar to Grande. I used to use Grande for a long time and then switched to Lugano. Not a single customer complained. Very similar in taste. I now use Dragone because my supplier stopped carrying Lugano and it is almost identical as well. They’re both made by Saputo. My price this this week was 2.49 a pound for Dragone shredded whole milk mozzarella. It is supposed to go down next week. It was 2.28/lb. 2 weeks ago.