Debbie where in nh are you?

Doesn’t Sysco charge a delivery/fuel surcharge of $75 or so? Would negate the savings if so. I’d switch but I just don’t have the storage space in my small shop to take on big truck orders. US Foods have min order $500 with no del fee.

Yeah, that cost is high, but we also priced our pies to reflect that higher cost for our ingredients.

We don’t pay a $75 delivery/fuel surcharge…Yikes!!! We buy 1600lbs. of cheese per week (we buy other items from Sysco as well) and get charged a $5 delivery/fuel surcharge.

Ours is also $5.

Yeah you guys are much bigger than my new small shop, we only go thru 300lbs a week right now. Sysco says any order under $2,500 has a $75 fuel charge.

What’s the point of a $5 charge… I mean… ?

I know things cost more in SF, but man, that is crazy.

That is outrageous! many places in my area have a $500.00 minimum order before it will get delivered, but to charge $75.00 for any order under $2,500.00 is total and complete douchebaggery with a side order of Jaboonery mixed in.

Are you 200 miles away from any other account for them to justify that?
In our off-season, I have acted as a drop point for some lower volume restaurants in my area that could not meet their order minimum but needed product delivered, as long as I do not need to write a check for it, I could care less, we have plenty of extra cooler room in winter. Maybe you could talk to the rep and see if a restaurant close by could be a drop point for you?

Our minimum order for Sysco is also $500. In the off season we just order once a week from them. I would have to agree. Unless you are out in the boonies someplace that $75 charge makes no sense at all.

$5 X number of stops on a load = fuel cost increase… Pretty sure they are still making money on it.

Before we moved to our current location, the sysco truck would park in front of my building, and deliver to me and 4 other places from one parking spot. We all got hit with the fuel surcharge, I called the main state location and whined, so for the next few weeks, the dispatcher routed me as the last stop just to be a “Richard Cranium” That ended quickly enough when I stopped using them, and that $3K-$5K/week that I spent with them went missing from my sales persons orders.

A few years ago we had a small invoice for a few hundred dollars go missing and I did not pay it. (I don’t know if the driver failed to leave it or we lost it) We were on bi-weekly payments and getting a couple of deliveries week so by the time the invoice was late we had paid several other invoices including a few that came after the missing one and several that were for $1000-$2000 each. It should have been clear that something was up… Customers don’t just skip a small invoice.

One day the Sysco rep comes in and announces in the kitchen that we are past due and would going to COD and then she left. My manager called me (I was at our other business) and I got over there later and wrote a check and left it at the store. When I got there I figured out that this was over a single missing invoice for $400 when we were spending $2000+ per week with them and that we had paid 5-6 other invoices that were more recent. Then I heard that the rep had been jabbering in the open kitchen about us going COD because were past due. I blew my stack. I told the manager to stop ordering from Sysco. She asked for how long and I said “until the rep asks what is going on, then you can direct the rep to give me a call as should have been done in the first place”. Manager asked if I wanted her to tell the rep why we were not ordering and I said “No, just don’t return the rep’s calls and if she gets you on the phone or stops by just say you are not ready to order. Don’t tell her a thing until she actually asks what is wrong.”

It took three weeks and then we had a meeting with the area manager where talked about rep communication and we ended up with a different Sysco rep. Things have been fine ever since.

Just out of curiosity, did the area manager contact you because you had stopped ordering or did the rep finially question it ?

The rep finally asked and was referred to me. When she called I told her:

  1. It was absurd to be threatened with COD after more than a decade of good credit on open terms and a six figure annual relationship with them over one $400 invoice no matter how old it was.
  2. It should have been obvious since we had paid several other invoices in the mean time that we did not have the invoice in question or there was some other problem with the unpaid invoice.
  3. A phone call to me would have taken care of it at any time (yes the reps all have always had my cell number)
  4. It was COMPLETELY off the reservation to be talking about us being late on an invoice and/or going to COD in the kitchen with all staff present.

She said, “I understand. It sounds like you have a problem with me.” I said yes.

The next phone call from her was asking if I would meet with her and her supervisor. My guess (but I do not know) is that she did not take action until the supervisor had questioned her about why we were not ordering and she had to report back.

She retired not long afterwards.

We stayed on open terms with them for a couple of years after that and then switched to credit card. LOVE those miles!!

Yup, some of their reps are total idiots! They’ll make or break you in many cases
I got a different rep a few years back, all of a sudden I’m getting wrong orders sent, them substituting products when I have a very strict “No Sub” rule, her not knowing the product line, they swapped out reps before I even asked.
They are still begging to get a piece of my meat business after losing it in 2010.
Reinhart does not stock most of the products that we use, and I will not do special orders every week for delivery 2 weeks out. And I cannot meet their goofy 15 piece minimums on produce alone.