cheesesteaks - - what meat?

Would you be willing to share your food costs and percentage? I really like the idea of using Ribeye, but the price around these parts for choice ribeye is a little out of our customers’ range. At 6.50/lb wholesale, I could not make the sandwich I make now for under $10 for 12" (1/2# pre-cooked meat) . . . and that’s just out of my market.

You guys can use frozen sirloin pucks in Philadelphia like we can use instant grits in Georgia. You can try, but is anyone finds out, they’ll get a rope and a tall tree. And they will find out in about 5 seconds.

I am actually quite impressed with our sandwiches with this product. We sautee each one in a pan to order, and cook the onions/peppers/mushrooms with the meat for each sandwich. Good roll, american cheese. Wrapped in foil and baked 5 minutes. They aren’t the same as using ribeye, but for our price point, we stand pretty tall in the marketplace.

Size My cost Food %
6" (4 oz meat) 1.48 29.6%
12" (8 oz meat) 2.83 32.67%

hey nick,
dont mean to but in,but,i also use ribeye for my steak sandwich
i buy only certified angus,the thing with me is i sell quite a bit of steaks so i cut all of them from the graded end of the roast,thus leaving me with sort of a bi-product to use for my sandwich,i portion them to 5 oz,and sell the sandwich for $6.95,cog with vegies $2.50-3.00 depending on where the ribeye market is,NO PIPE DREAM