Cheesey Bread

Hi there fellow members, I am curious if and how you all prepare your cheesey bread. I have been tinkering with dough sizes/methods for a few weeks now and I keep getting mixed results. My best result so far was baking them in my conveyor in a Sicilian 16x16 pan with a 36 oz doughball, I prep it up like I would my Sicilian crust (a little olive oil on bottom and top and let it rise for 45 min) then I add my garlic sauce and mozz and bake it. Problem is, this makes me a 16x16 which I sell on display but I want to implement a 10x10 or 9x9 or even a 8x8 to fit in a 10 inch box with a side of marinara for dipping.

What size dough ball are you guys using, and are you using just your normal pizza dough or making special mixes specifically for your cheesey bread? Any recommendations on brand or style of pans to use for baking, and how do you handle the rise times vs having them ready for orders.

I want to add them to the menu as not only a app but as a great bundling option for those coupon hungry customers.

We use a 14" doughball (18 oz) on a 12" screen. Brush with garlic butter sprinkle with mozz and run through the oven. Sprinkle with basil, cut in stips. Delivered in a 12" box with a side of red sauce.

We do ours the same way. We use medium dough and place it on a small screen. Our herbs are mixed into the butter to eliminate a step at the cut table. We sell a couple thousand orders a month at $7 each

Do you also use a screen for these? Is your finished product a circle or square, and have you toyed with a 9x9 pan at all?

Yes we use a screen. It is a circle so it resembles a thick crust small pizza. I have toyed with using a square screen but never pulled the trigger on it because it will slow down production. I decided last week that it will never happen. It’s circular cheese bread for us from here on out.