Chef Coats and Uniforms

Does anyone have any suggestions on where i can order some restaurant apparel? Chef coats and Polos, price is important but so is quality.

Thank you

My suggestion is find a local supplier and make a trade for pizza. I do this whenever possible because it is the local guy that spends money in your shop.

You can probably get chef coats from your linen supplier. We use polo shirts too but I get them from my other business… an apparel retail store. If you are going to get them embroidered with your store logo the embroidery shop should be able to source them.

Good prices and quality, and nice people in my experience. Highly recommend them.

I have used Good shirts for the price.

I’ve used happy chef, I really liked Chefwear until they got featured on Hell’s Kitchen, then their prices went to insane levels, their pants are still nice though.
And I have spent a bunch at
I have tried many uniform suppliers, and the ones near me do not have french-knot closures, I hate buttons, they’re too difficult to shed a coat when you’re on fire (yup, been there in an unfortunate Gran Marnier incident on the saute station)
I suggest black, or other dark colors unless you’re not actually in the kitchen and can afford Egyptian cotton spiffy dress coats.

If you have a restaurant depot close to you they have chef coats and pants as well that you can get on the fly

I was looking online for hat options that would be different the web restaurant store has some interesting paper options. starting at .07 cents each. at that price I was thinking I would get a large rubber stamp and stamp the store name on them (when I get open) Cheap custom and best of all always look new.

We used to wear headwraps in the kitchen, but we can no longer get the kind I want. They now look like something you would see an old peasant Russian woman wearing while out shoveling potatoes.
Chefwear was my source for wraps, as was uniform city, both places now have loose fitting wraps with elastic in them, I want the standard biker-style wrap but without the HD artwork.

Have you considered getting some baseball hats with your company logo embroidered on them?
That way when your crew is outside of work, you get free advertising too.
All our guys get shirts and hats with our logo emblazoned all over them, the only rule is they are not to wear them out to the bars. (in case they get drunk, stupid, or arrested for acts againbst nature. I do not need to see my logo in their mugshot pasted on the front page of the newspaper.

Thats true. I think it will depend on how the paper hats look. I just remember how dirty hats used to get and how fast. I will defintly go with t shirts though name on front and back. I will change them twice a year or maybe 3 times.