chef pants . . . uniforms . . . inexpensive

I am considering adding a small uniform allowance for senior employees (been around a while). Are there any secret places to get affordable or inexpensive cargo style chef pants? $33 a pair is a bit steep for a part-time pizza kitchen staff. I want decent quality cotton, but not the pricetag. Doesn’t have to be ChefWorks, either.

try imagetextile they are pretty inexpensive and may have what you are looking for.

it won’t let me put the website but it is the name com.

check out an area thrift shop or check yellow pages for"used uniforms". Couple years back I bought 3 or 4 pairs slightly worn for $3 each.I beat them up good and they never ripped.

The website offered may be a good resource. They don’t have the cargo style, but they do have reasonable pricing.

Thrift stores aren’t so much an option given the . . . variety . . . of staff configurations we have. Tall and slender to short and stout.