Chemical Cleaner for Fryers

Was wondering what you all use to clean the upper portions of your fryers with (not the pit where the oil sits). As I can never find anything strong enough to cut the grease.

Was told by a consession worker that he uses “Beam”… so i looked it up and all that is, is a gallon of Oven/Grill cleaner that he puts into a spray bottle… sprays it on and lets it soak in, comes back a while later and it’s good to go.

But, I’d have to get it online because none of my distributors carry it.

So, seeing as though it’s just an Oven cleaner… was wondering if you guys had suggustions on the best grease cutters?

Pro force grill cleaner from Sams Club.

Beleive it or not…I actually developed my own and have a local make it for me…I have tried them all…including the one heavily marketed in the journal which will burn the hell out of your hands…the stuff I use is awsome…I hide it since my employees want it for personal use…it’s funny and heck.

Have any of you used the following?
Advantage Chemicals Oven and Grill Cleaner
Noble Chemical “Knockout” Liquid Heavy Duty Oven & Grill