Chicago Deep Dish sizes

For those that do Chicago style deep dish, what size or sizes (in inches) do you offer? I have a 9" pan that I was going to use for cheesy bread and for s#!ts and giggles today I made a deep dish style pie and it came out better than I was expecting. If I were going to invest in pans for this, what size is the most common? Thanks.

We do one size, 10"

9" could be perfect for 2

We do a small 10" and a large 14" in our conveyor. After a lot of trial/error, it coming out great! I will say the 10" bakes better than the 14" and my competitor does 9" small and 12" large for what it’s worth.

being in chicago we make them in 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches.

Did you figure out a way to par bake the crust?

I didn’t par bake mine. I just took some dough (16oz) that had been in the cooler a day past when I would normally use it. I’m planning on making pretzels out of any leftover dough like this, but I didn’t feel like boiling the baking soda water. So I saw the pan there and figured what the heck? I just pressed it in the pan and built it out. Baked it 15 mins in my deck oven with 2 spins and it came out better than I expected actually. Not something I’m ready to put on the menu until I get it better, but it was good enough for my wife and I. Again, it was a 9" pan so that might have something to do with why it cooked up without par baking.

Sure did my man! Was a frustrating process getting Chicago Deep Dish to work properly in a conveyor but works like a charm now! Doing it in a deck is easy as it comes, just takes forever.

Question to those who par bake, do you put sausage on raw and how many Oz of cheese do you put on 10". I’d be interested in doing it but worried about getting the cheese to melt in shorter bake time and sausage cooking thoroughly.

No, pre-cooked bulk sausage. 12 oz of shredded mozz, not slices. Cheese melts great on 7 min belt

We use a 14" pan. par bake by putting the pan with the dough (16" doughball) in the conveyor about half way through, build the pizza run all the way through twice adding the sauce and covering on the second time through.

Don’t tell me you can’t cook legit Chicago Deep Dish in your conveyor! Beautiful pies and buttery crusts woo!

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