Chicago Thin - Impinger Ovens

Hey all,

I want to do a chicago-thin style pie in my impinger. You know, very thin, crispy. Does anyone here use an impinger for this purpose and if so you you have any issues getting the bottom brown and crisp before the cheese on top overcooks?

That can be controlled by using air fingers of different capacity , More air to darken Less air to lighten.Top and b bottom air can be controlled.

I had to Google “Chicago Thin” because I’m not exactly sure what the difference is from a regular thin, but from pictures is it essentially a cracker crust?

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I’ve used and configured an impingement oven before, but never for this style. Any suggestions?

I do these. Best to use a dough sheeter/roller to take the gas out. I use a double sheeter. Open the dough ball up in the top section then run it thru the bottom roller after that. Then, I close the bottom roller 3 turns to make it thinner and run the dough thru the bottom roller again. After that, I dock the skin with a fork and put on a screen. Spread the sauce all the way to the edge so it caramelizes/burns a bit. I dust the sauce with a nice romano cheese before adding the mozz or toppings as well. I bake at 490 for 6 mins 30 secs.

I used a 6oz dough ball and used a sheeter to stretch it to a 18"pie and cooked in my Edge60 using my normal settings that came out amazing

6oz out to an 18" wow. We only take our 5oz out to 10in. 10oz to 16". 23oz to 20in for thins

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that’s not typical…for regular thin crust we use 7oz for 14" & 13oz for 18"
also forgot to mention we cook @ 500 for 7.5 minutes