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I considered posting once about the differences in regulations between the U.S. and other countries, but decided against it. You’d just get angry if you knew how easy it is to start a business in some other counties. As an ex-pat for 20 years, I’ve seen both sides…

Well, you don’t want just anybody to be able to come in and start a business in your community do you? Without proper vetting and supervision?

Over the last century (or maybe even longer) government has really taken on the standpoint that private business works for THEM.

We have allowed them to take this stance by voting ignorantly… whoever gives us the most handouts for free, gets the vote. People rarely sit down and consider where the money for their handouts has to come from and are shooting themselves in their own foot with even realizing it.

It past the point where people need to wake up and start to make changes and educate themselves.

No longer is just "HOPE"ing for change going to do anything.

“Well, you don’t want just anybody to be able to come in and start a business in your community do you? Without proper vetting and supervision?”

As a matter of fact I do… It’s called a free market. We are all living a lie that we operate in a free market. We actually operate in a controlled free market. Controlled by the government that is.

With very few exceptions I live my life understanding that rules are for people who can not think for themselves. We would all be far far ahead without the bloated self serving regulatory regimes ( aka government agencies ) we overpay to regulate us as taxpayers.

Yes, your right, somebody has to protect the weak or timid. Self employment is the wrong arena for these people. They should join a union. Don’t get me wrong. Unions have there place, just haven’t figured out where that is yet…
Jeese, now I’ve got the troops riled up lol…

Being from Chicago I have lived this! It is out of control and both Rick, and Boat… who seriously is a nut since he doesn’t like stretchy cheese… and Decidion…are all correct. Gov has way too much control but even while supporting a free market you do need structure for the safety of the people. That said… Cook County Illinois is a joke! Money and politics rule the land and it pushes way too many hard working and good people out of work. Now after almost 4 years of “CHANGE” at the highest level… O-BOMB-A… we see how Chicago politics play out. Let’s just pray that we “MOVE-ON” and get this country and all of it’s cities on the right track. It is going to take time but we need to make the changes now and get moving! :!:

Sorry if my previous post was misinterpreted, my sarcasm font is not working again. :mrgreen:

I’m originally from Chicago, and yeah, it’s ridiculous there. I want to move back in the near future, but there’s no way I would open a business and especially a restaurant there. I don’t believe the profit potential would make it worth the hassle.

Illinois and California are perhaps the most heavily regulated states from a business perspective, and they’re the two states in the worst financial condition in the country.

And Washington state isn’t far behind CA & IL.

Wait, do I see a trend here? Blue, blue, blue states.

What does that tell you?

May I suggest using green as a standard for the sarcasm font :mrgreen:

And RED when talking about delivery drivers! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like Daddio’s idea although I know I will forget… just too much sarcasm from me! 8)

Piper… you are so right as is decidion. Blue IL & CA are two of the most regulated and worse off. I was shocked at the budget deficit differences that I just saw today on the news. CA has a 15+ billion dollar deficit and IL is inb 2nd place… but theirs is only… “ONLY”… 1.8 billion or so. I realize CA being a larger state in all aspects… but they are first and states 2nd through 15th place add up too less than their 15+ billion. Dang people… open your eyes. If there is no capitalism and free market then you cannot tax them to give… I mean “SHARE” the wealth to your voting base. How come people do not see this. The problem with your voting base paying zero taxes and “SHARING” your income… you will at some point RUN OUT OF INCOME TO SHARE!!! :x

I live and do business in an unincorporated portion of our county.

No business license, the state requires a sales tax license for a one time fee of $50.00, Annual bill to health dept runs us $90.00 (based on sales volume).

I feel lucky when I read about other areas.

I like those SC taxes :slight_smile:

In comparison, in Washington state it is:

LLC license: $60
State Business license: $6
Health License: $150
City License:$50
County Business Personal Property tax: $300 (depending on your assets)

Nothing like Chicago, but we are in a very remote part of the state, and the city has < 1000 population, county has < 7000 people in it.

DANG! I LOVE THOSE SC TAX RATES!!! Oh, and Decidion…when you are in a county that small… I think it is safe to say you live in INDIANA! :stuck_out_tongue: Opps… forgot the green already…

Michigan’s Health Department License was $400 per year. They had 2 different rates, one for small businesses and one for large, but the large complained so they evened it out. :frowning:

I always tell my kids and the ones that work for us, “When a politician starts talking about making things fair, watch your wallet.”

Ok, Bloombeg saw that video and realized he was being outclassed in the regulation department. He has now upped the ante, can Chicago match this bold initiative?

Rick the people of Chicago love their pop… not soda… way too much to allow that to happen! :!:

Ah but Michael, you’re assuming the “Godfather” gives a rat’s… what the fine folks of Chicago want. That doesn’t appear to have been the case with the good Mr.Bloomberg. This whole thing sort of makes that private island nation look better and better.

I’m just waiting for the day when Bloomberg decides no one can wipe their behind safely without risking a rash and creates a task force to come and do it for them (and of course charges them $$$$ to do it).

It’s on the horizon…I can almost see it now :roll: