Chicken and delivery

Chicken places in my area deliver through 3rd parties and it is a less than stellar experience.

My pizzeria uses its own in-house drivers. If I served chicken of equal quality to “chicken only” stores, will the prospect of reliable and less expensive delivery outweigh the branding issue of getting chicken from a pizza place?

I feel pizza and wings are starting to be kinda synonymous. So yeah I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to take a chunk of the pie. In my experience people order by taste and budget and also what’s most convenient so if you can offer a better ordering and delivery experience I think you could do well.

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Thank you clownhair!

We do currently offer wings, but I am thinking more of full chicken dinners. “Broasted” chicken is a thing around here.

Do it as a Ghost Kitchen. Separate brand for chicken, unique website URL, and a dedicated phone line answered “MSG Chicken”. The only people that would know are those that come in for pick up; tell them, “it’s one of those new ghost kitchens you’ve been hearing so much about using our extra space to get started.”

Would you get a pressure fryer?

I am open to whatever equipment is best.

I dont see it.

Even with a pressure fryer it still would take 10minutes to cook bone in chicken from raw.

Light meat, dark meat, hot holding,space for the new equipment, to go packaging

We use a Henny Penny computron 8000
12:45 fresh
18:30 if frozen using 2 step program


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