Chicken and Pizza

Your jojo potatoes sound great as do your party packs. What is a jo jo cutter? Are you dipping your potatoes in the ranch dressing before they are packaged or are you serving the dressing as a side??

I’m not talking about wings or chicken pizzas. I too sell a ton of wings and chicken pizza. I have a catagory just for chicken pizza - it blows away the competition- 7 chicken pizzas, 6 chicken hogies and 2 chicken dinners. I am talking about a Boston Market type pizza joint

Rick would this pressure fryer also work for cooking raw chicken wings for refrying later to order? I’m must looking at options on how I might be able to improve my operation. I’m currently selling about 6 or 7 cases a week in wings. The savings on going to raw and frying my own on those would start to add up. Especially if chicken did well for my store.


I have used my pressure fryer in the past to cook wings, but it does have a tendency to tear 'em up a bit…I prefer 2 marinate them & cook them for approx. 8 minutes, chill & finish in the oven, sauced, on silicone paper…

You could pre-cook your wings in it but you have got to drain off as much blood as you can otherwise it will tear them up. We go through about 20 cases of fresh wings and pre-cook them in our open fryers not our pressure fryers. You can’t pre-cook them with the lid down under pressure. They have to stay open to get crispy.

Sorry I took so long getting back to you, I was on the pizza cruise.

My favorite two words, pizza and cruise ! Tell us about the cruise. :smiley:

I always thought pressure fryer coocked much better chicken than open one. Bought 2 p fryers, cost lot more than open fryers. I guess I could still coock with lid open & try which product is coocked better(uner pressure or open). If someone have tried please post your experience. Also need to figure out precoock/freeze/refry method.

You misunderstood me. You should cook chicken with the lid down under pressure but not for pre-cooking wings, then it should be left open to get them crispier.

The cruise was awesome!! Can’t wait until next year.

Cool! Any suggestion on precoock/freeze/recoock method? such as temprature & coocking times.

Rick, I do same exact thing at my gas station. except my jo jos are 4pc potatoes instead of 6 per potato. little bigger pieces than yours. I plan to get 6 potion wedger when for the pizza. We also bread the jo jos before frying them. do you bread’em? It will be much easier without breading the potatoes. breading ruins the frying oil.

How do you guys flavor your chicken? Marinating, breading & frying is the only way I know(broaster concept). though I am trying to learn a recipe for sweet teriyaci chicken.

Just breading

SYSCO has a great system…you marinate bone-in products overnite & bonless 4 30 minutes…

then ya drop it into a powdered solution then into their flour mix…the solution I believe mimics the effects of buttermilk…deep-fry as normal…

I grew up cooking Chicken Delite (anyone remember that chain)…

I prefer this method, as it is quite tasty, I can’t duplicate it and it lasts a decent amount of time, if it must be held…