Chicken on A buffalo pizza

Those of you who do a buffalo chicken pizza,do you use a breaded chicken or a regular grilled chicken? Which is better?

We use a grilled strip, guess I never tried it with the breading on to see how it reacted in the oven.

We use grilled cut into chunks then put under the cheese so it does not dry out.

We use breaded…work awesome. We cut them in strips after frying. Grilled are good too, just like the effect of using the breaded, more buffalo strips/wing like. The best thing to do is experiment with both and see what you prefer.

Grilled and under the cheese is the way to go.

we use grilled

Grilled and seasoned, cut into cubes.

We use our “grilled” chicken. However, it is put on the sauce, under the cheese right outta the portion bags. We have found if you rub your sauce (BBQ, Hot, Jerk, ect) then put the chicken on it taste much better & the chicken soaks up some of the sauce.


breaded for buffalo, grilled for barbeque

Chicken fingers dipped in med wing sauce. Also a Buffalo Chicken pizza should have blue cheese on it.