Chicken Strip Cutter

We sell alot of chicken tenders. We hand cut each tender.
Im looking for a machine that can do it for me. I know Hobart makes an attachment that-produces thin strips of meat however they are too thin. Im looking for 16mm or 17mm strip.

A machine that I can drop a raw jumbo chicken tender into and out comes 3 perfect strips. Does anyone know where I can find a machine to do this

Not sure if they have it or not, but we bought a shredder from these guys. It’s a great

Steve That machine is insane!. Ive seen some that are a smaller footprint. I process about 800-1000lbs of fresh tenders a week. I used to have a guy just prepping chicken….he quit. I really need the tenders to be a certain thickness so they cook correctly and look like our tenders.

I bought this machine however the strips it produces are a bit too thick. However the speed is great, normally it would take 25 minutes to process a 40lb box of tenders, this has it done in 8 minutes. So I know im on the right track I just have to find a blade somewhere between a 1/2inch and 3/4inch