Chicken Topping

Every Friday night, we get slammed a bottleneck for us is pizzas that use chicken. We normally cook it to order from raw tenders.
I see they sell a product that looks like cut up grilled breasts, its cut up almost too perfectly(dont like that) and its pricey.
What does everyone else do?
I was thinking maybe cook up like 10-20lbs at a time-then freezing in 5lb batches

We bake breasts and dice and portion

Can I ask why you cook the chicken for pizzas to order?

Do not buy that pre-seasoned pre-cooked expensive chicken from Tyson or Pierce. It’s a ripoff at $4.50/lb or whatever they’re charging these days. Simply go buy raw chicken tits at the store or the depot. Buy in bulk. Season with a little salt and bake them in your oven. Dice them up yourself ahead of time with the rest of prep and put on your cold table. Shelf life for these is supposedly 7 days but I wouldn’t go past 5 days. I just bake it every other day myself. Also, to avoid the chicken fart smell when you open the cambro container after it sits in the fridge for a day, add a few small sliced raw onions to the pan when you bake it and it will alleviate you of that wretched God-forsaken stench. I bake mine is an oiled deep dish pan with a lid, 3 runs thru the conveyor at 480. All-Natural Chicken tits bought in bulk is $1.98/lb in SF.

We buy white meat pieces. It comes in a 25 lb case with 2 12.5lb bags VERY inexpensive. We season it and bake it off a bag at a time and run it through the mushroom slicer and keep it ready in 1/3 pan.

yup…season & run thru the conveyor, flip & once more thru…cool, dice…same with sausage…

We get 40 pound cases of skinless/boneless thigh meat that we smoke in our BBQ Pit (we are primarily a BBQ place) we serve it hot as pulled chicken dinners/sandwiches, and any leftover stuff gets chilled and relegated to the pizza end of the line.
We have 3 specialty pizzas that get chicken; Our BBQ chicken pizza, Chicken Alfredo Bacon, & our Chopping-Block pizza that gets chopped beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken & Bacon.

Thigh meat is way less expensive, it has better moisture retention, and the flavor is superior to breast meat, plus there is no cartilage to trim, and no small rib bones hidden in it.
If you insist on using breast meat, you can realize huge savings by getting random skinless/boneless breasts instead of the perfectly sized skinless/boneless breasts.

bodega, is that a sysco product? Or just some special connection you have?
The chicken market in my area has been climbing lately. Does anyone use chicken thighs? Its an awesome part of the chicken but would prob turn people off as its not considered ‘white meat’

Haha we must think alike lol got rocks

You can save even more by getting pieces rather than whole random size breasts. If you are going to cut/dice/shred them anyway it does not matter. Price per pound is less than half.

Im intrested in these ‘chicken pieces’ I looked on Reinharts online order guide and cant find anything like this. I know when I ask my sales rep hes going to look at me like im an alien

chicken breast pieces sysco item 2959781 $64.47 for 40 pounds, I do not know how good/bad it is, never used it
Random breasts 10 oz & up, 7203474 40 pounds, $58.37, decents, requires trimming
thighs, skinless/boneless 7792187 $58.42 for 40 pounds no trimming required, cook and use

Thanks rocks youre the man.
Damn I was at depot this morning
Mountaire Boneless Skinless trimmed random thighs $25 40lb case. Was too lazy to buy them bc My cart was loaded with tri-tip and tenders already

Mountaire is a great product, I request that brand whenever I can get it, Golden plump is nice also, but they must be using Wisconsin chickens, because those thighs are really thick! :wink:

We do it like most buy chicken breast raw 40# case. We do 10lbs at a time season run through oven twice dice once it is cool. We go through it every couple of days hold up well on the make line just like sausage.

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