Chicken Wings

We were using an imitation “Wing Ding” but it is way too expensive…after Blu Cheese and tin/lid there is no money whatsoever…

Im getting raw not cleaned wings and was wondering how do you cook them? straight to the fryer raw…from the fryer frozen raw…boil first?? an insight is greatly appreciatyed

We use raw Jumbo wings (disjointed at the drumette and V wing). Wash then and straight in the fryer 12-15 mins depending on the size. Then straight in the heated hot wing sauce (50%Franks Red hot 50% margarine). From there right to the metal tin an extra 2 oz ladle of sauce on top serve w/ blue cheese and celery. We sell a TON of them.

Hope this helps,

Tony, how do you portion them? What is your total food cost and pricing, if you are willing to share? I cannot run a decent cost with that much sauce tossed around on 10 wings. We use size 6-9 and run a food cost of around 35% served in foam containers. That is when chicken prices are at sane levels.

We also used fresh jumbos splits, avg about 8 per lb @ 1.60lb. 10 piece cost about $2.00. Fry them raw, cook them until they float and then cook about two or three minutes longer. Add 2 oz’s of sauce @.15 cents (we used portion pumps). 2 oz’s of Blue cheese or ranch .15 cents. Container .9 cents. Total $2.24.
We sold ours for $7.75 Ideal food cost 28.9%. A 25 order cost $5.60 sold for $15.50. Ideal food Cost 36.12%