How does everyone do thier chicken for salads and pastas? I sear,then bake,cool, cut and portion, but after being frozen then thawed it comes out 2 dry. Is is better to cook it daily and portion or just cook fresh. If cooked fresh how do you portion/ rotate your stock. thank you

we do the same twice a day(before lunch & dinner) but DO NOT freeze…we have a charbroiler for cooking and marinate as well…sells like crazy

UNFROZEN, fresh and charred, I agree. Make it all to order (they will wait) but pre prep the pasta and salads daily.


we grill chicken as oftern as we need to. When I say grill i really mean in a pan. To do it to order takes a little too long so we make up about 10 pieces of grilled chicken. Cool them down and dice up and throw over salad as needed. We dont even heat it up for salads. Cold salad, Cold chicken and people really dont seem to care.

Chicken cutlets are also another option. if you dont know how to do them you can buy them ready to go. I dont know how good they will be but its def possible. If you have a fryer you can just use chicken fingers/fritters

I am the odd man out on this one. We buy precooked chicken fajita breasts and chop. We go through about 60 pounds of chicken at each store each week. We don’t have a stove top (just a portable 2 burner we use in the mornings to make pasta) our places don’t have the room for a stove top.

I don’t like raw chicken just a personal issue. Our chicken is real good we use it on subs (yes chopped), salads and pizzas. Customers love it.

Costs more initially but in the end it is worth it… for us.

As for our pastas we cook it in the morning, weigh, bag and keep in cooler until needed. Never tried freezing.



You’re not alone in this. I also do not have a grill, I just have the pizza oven and a box fryer (don’t make fun of my little fryer) lol. I don’t have the hood system to use drop down fryers.

Anyways I buy precooked 4 oz grilled chicken brst (sorry on spelling, apparently the word sensor won’t let me say the B word for the part of chicken it is). We then cut them into our portion sizes, bag and keep them ready in the prep station for use. We use an Italian dressing on our chicken that we drizzle on before we place it in the oven. This prevents it from being too dry and adds a bit more taste. We use the chicken on our sandwiches, and salads.

I know its more work, but buying the chicken more times during the week will allow you to not have to have it frozen. It’s makes a better product. I currently go to rest. depot about 2-3 times a week for items.

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The reply was in regards to stickyfingers87 who started the post, and to Kris for the not alone with out a grill.

We have a 15 chicken rotisserie and use it for our pulled chicken pizzas, salads and for chicken dinners. The rotisserie is displayed out front so custoemrs can see and smell it. This allows an additional revenue stream and it allows us to market a whole line on Rotisserie chicken pizzas and they are amazing. The chicken goes under the cheese and the flavor and texture of the chicken on the pizzas is truly unique and helps us stand out from the competition.

With the rotisserie we have:

  • 7 chicken pizzas
  • 1/4 and 1/2 chicken dinners with side dishes and dipping sauce,
  • sliced spit roasted chicken brst for salads
  • chicken family combos/feasts (something like KFC)

all for take-out and delivery, no dine-in. No chicken is ever wasted, ever and it accounts for about 23 percent of our total sales.