Chili recipes or brand recommendation please!

With the weather turning colder, I’d like to add chili to my menu. I think it would be great on fries, nachos or our big baked potatoes, or just by itself. I was wondering if anyone would share their recipe or recommend a brand that is really good. I like the Wolf brand chili, but none of my distributors carry it :frowning:

Sam’s used to carry this stuff, if you can find it I thought it was great as a topping on potato or hot dogs. I also used it to make a chili cheese pizza. Of I were selling chili by the bowl I would want to go the made it store route.

Is it chili “soup” or “hot dog” chili that you’re considering? In my mind there’s a huge difference.

Couple of recipe suggestion…

*Try using italian sausage in addition to, or in place of, ground beef.

*Dice raw potatoes, deep fry until golden and then add to your chili. It’s like having tiny bite size fries in your chili

Grill the vegetables or broil them puree with cilantro. We use house smoked brisket with beer and mexican chilis. It’s like,mole chili and its amazing

Many places by me get Hormel in #10 cans and doctor that up. (no other comments on that from me)
We use our beef Brisket scraps, Ancho & Guajillo peppers for our base flavor plus cumin, garlic S&P
I’ve been wanting to do a green pork chili, but then I remember where I live and that nobody would order it

Food coloring or dye ? :smiley:

Neither, I prefer using leftover beer from St Patrick’s day for my liquid.