Chinese Pizzerias

So, I have just begun working at PMQ in their Oxford, MS office. I have a new assignment and I’m looking for some input.

I am wanting to do a feature-type article on a Chinese pizzeria. If anyone knows of any Chinese owned and operated pizzerias, or knows of any pizzerias that have Chinese people as their main customers (perhaps in a Chinatown), then I’d much appreciate your help!

Language should not be a problem, just as long as they can communicate in Mandarin Chinese (or English, of course).

So you are looking for an American/Chinese pizzaria or a pizzaria in the country of China. If you are looking for the latter, PMQ will have a contact for Chris from who owns a pizza bar in Japan who could probably steer you in the right direction. Also I would bet the dough doctor could help. If you are looking for the former, a good place to start would be with the sales manager for a Chinese food purveyor in NYC. I would bet they could put you in contact with a few.

Thanks for the help!

And sorry about not being clear. I’m looking for a pizzeria in the States.

mmm… fried rice pizza…

I am in Japan and we do actually have a China Town here in Nagasaki, During the Edo period (1640~), Nagasaki was the only port open to non-Japanese, so there is a lot of Chinese and European history left. It appears that it is not quite what you were looking for, but I would still be happy to answer any questions.

You can contact me any time through my blog at

Is PMQ hard up for articles or what? That is a very random request. I am sure there are other stories that have more of an impact on the majority of the owners in the US.

How about showcasing some of the members of the think tank? I read a post that PMQ wanted Gregster to write an article, why? He isn’t an expert, if they want to do an article on delivery driver compensation then they should interview someone who works for the Department of Labor or is an attorney that specializes in labor laws. How about an article about Nick’s, Daddio’s, PizzaMagoo’s new place, Royster’s magnet business. These people have contributed far more useful information then any of the many delivery drivers that post here.


There is a Chinese owned and operated shop in LA. The name is LA Pizza. I know original huh… :lol: