Between three stores. We sell a good amount of chips and I just let the guy fill the racks and pay him. !! What does everyone else pay? Should I be haggling ?

In our area, the driver doesn’t have a lot of room to haggle. We just do the same, let him fill up the rack as he sees fit. They refund anything out of date so it’s a guaranteed sale. It’s only bad when they try to leave you thin because they don’t want to have to buy a lot back.

Finally talked to a manger. They set me up on a program that will get me about three percent back at the end of the year. Not great but ill take it

You might want to check with your regular food supplier for competing products and prices. If can you are selling a lot of chips I would not be very worried about the buy-back offer. You can probably find some excellent product to sell and maybe do a bit better on the margins.