Chocolate Pizza - Mudhoney

I’m having a special chocolate heart-shaped pizza for valentines day. I got the recipe from the site here. It did not turn out well - the chocolate is very thick and cooks up like brownies sitting on a pizza crust. There no “melding” into the dough and it just doesn’t seem right.

Has anyone else made this or can suggest a fix? The recipe was followed correctly but it needs to be thinner.


Could you provide a link to the recipe, maybe id be able to help you figure it out

I’m not quite sure just what was supposed to happen to the chocolate, but if it was hoped that it would flow out and “meld” or blend into the dough as it would into a cake, I don’t think this is going to happen with a dough type base under the chocolate. We use chocolate both in and on a variety of different bakery products and I can’t think of any case where the chocolate does anything but just sit there as a mass, or at best it will melt and pool but it never sinks or soaks into the dough as it does when you put chocolate into or onto a cake. We even put strips of chocolate into croissants and bake them. The finished croissants will have a chocolate core that is well defined as the chocolate doesn’t migrate into any of the surrounding dough.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check the board before we had to send the valentines orders out. I ended up putting a layer of melted chocoate on between the dough and topping. I did help somewhat, but I would definatley play with the recipe more.

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