Choosing a name....frustrating!

My partner and I are still at a loss to choose a catchy name that we can get excited about. We’re at the point where it’s time to order printing and signage but we don’t have a name. The best we have come up with so far is “Anastagio’s” (chose an italian sounding name) but since I live in a rural area, the feedback I am getting is that it sounds too fancy or is snobby sounding.

Since most of you already have a place, would you mind contributing to the success of mine by suggesting a name that is catchy and says “pizza” to my future customers? We want something good so we have a name to build our brand and reputations on.

Thanks again to all of you for any help.

I always wanted “Uncle Mike’s Pizza”. Of course, Uncle Mike’s is a brand of handgun holsters and it sounds too much like “Papa Johns”. Then again, at the time, I was childless, so now it’d be Daddy Mike’s. :slight_smile:

Having a partner makes using a family name more difficult. I’m not horribly caught up on catchy names though.

Pizza Hut (building theme made it useful at one time, but now with mostly delco operations, the name means very little).
Papa John’s – nothing exciting there
Imo’s - family name (I assume)
Fortel’s Pizza Den - Family Name
Double Dave’s PizzaWorks - Dallas area chain (maybe larger).
Mr. Jims - Dallas chain
CiCi’s - cheap buffet pizza

Mine was called “Southside Pizza”. Real imaginative, since it was in south city. :roll:

One question is “how big do you want to become”… if you want to go national, then " Pizza" doesn’t grow well.

Is there a theme of the restaurant? Perhaps that can lend way to a name.

I tend to believe “Dogcrap pizza” could have as good of a reputation as “Highfalutin Pizza”. It’s all in the product you serve. I’ll send you a couple of names I’ve been kicking around…

I have an AWESOME name and theme for the future shop I plan on opening…it might be a few yrs down the road but I know this name and theme wont be taken.

How I discovered it is just thinking of somthing catchy but simple. The same will happen for you. With spare time just think of ideas and it will.

Oh and mine isnt for sale, although I could make some bucks off it.


my recommedation, keep it simple and descriptive

I am The Pizza Wheel, see link below,


check out ebay and search under pizza sign…there is a beatutiful sign I saw there from a place that prob went out of biz (italian name)
Anyways you might be able to kill 2 birds with one stone…if it were up to me I would keep it something simple though
Good Luck