Choosing an oven - help

Right…I understand that there will need to be vent tubing and a fan hooked up to draw the air through the system.

What I am asking is…once properly hooked up by a mechanical contractor will I need an additional hood vent above the oven?

Patriots - Or maybe…he will be so clueless that he will let it slide… :slight_smile:

I guess I will find out.



PS - The hood was free so no fools tax necessary. Either I save or I pay what I thought I would have to for a hood.

yes, IMHBAO, you will need a hood with make-up air with this oven - the mfg s/help guide you as well…I would think long & hard while checking the pocketbook, 2 see if yo have enuf $$$ for the tax…

The CTX has crazy use of power, I was looking to buy one it was a three phase 100 amp service for each oven. Thats 21 Kilowatts per hour per oven. for that kinda money they better be frickin quiet.

The 1132 will not handle 100 to 125 pies per hour. They can only do 12 ~ 16 per hour each, or 16 ~ 12" per hour each. What you need is the Lincoln 1000, you can usually find a good set of refurbished 1000’s for about $6000 to $7000. They have the capacity of about 60 ~ 12" per hour each oven, If you really think your going to be upwards of 125 pizzas an hour, get a triple stack I have seen them on Ebay for around $9k to $10k.

Get a Gas Oven with 120v connection. The Electric Version of the 1000 has a 80 amp service, and will cost you about 17 Kilowatts and hour to operate. However, here is a suggestion, sometimes you will find an electric version, on the East Coast going for really cheap because no one want them over there cause they are too expensive to operate. You can convert an electric oven to a gas oven pretty cheaply, I bought a Electric set a couple of years ago for $2,000 and spent another $2,000 to convert it to gas, and it works fine to this day.

Good Luck!

ya, the CTX can s u c k (word sensor?) a lotta juice, but mostly on start-up…it settles down and behaves within 20 minutes…but zero noise! and it gives you a deck-like finish w/conveyor ease…I’ve got a double stack in the new store…big hassle getting the power in, but I can crank 125+ pies/hr…that and the fact I don’t need make-up air made it a no-brainer for this location…

Vinny’s got nothing but time and money :lol:

Thanks Again