Choosing the Right Oven Help!

I have an existing Restaurant Space that I’m wanting to convert to a Pizzeria. I’d like to use a Conveyor Style Oven, however my existing Exhaust Hood is only 52 inches deep. It is about 15 feet Long, so there is ample room for length. Where I’m running into trouble is finding an oven that will have high volume but isn’t too deep for my hood.

Other Information that might help. I want to make a pan pizza that is pretty heavy and thick. I’m guessing it will take between 12 to 15 minutes to bake.

  1. What diameter is everybody’s medium and Large pizzas?
  2. What’s your average Pizza’s per hour during your busiest times?
  3. Any other thoughts on Conveyer ovens and output?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Erik,

Please give us a call over at XLT we would love to chat.

check out Edge…I am sure they have a size that would work for you

  1. we use 10, 14 & 18" sizes…for this reason we chose the WB with a 36" belt to hold 2 18" side by side since it is our biggest seller
  2. during peak times (or any time - thats the beauty of conveyors…they perform just as good unlike decks) we can do over 200 pies per hour with a double stack
  3. very happy with Edge…you can get a narrow oven and go triple stack
    good luck

We went with edge as well, 3860s double stack…may need a triple if this volume continues after the pandemic is over. Also very happy with edge. We have a triple of the 32 belt at another location. We’ve had 2/3 ovens for almost 6 years now. No real complaints there. Just added the 3rd last year but this one is even nicer than the others. They continue to change and innovate their product. I can’t speak on XLT, I’ve never used them but when I contacted them they were very responsive

I’m looking at new ovens as well. The oven for me is the hot Rocks, with a stone bake and conveyor and they have one that will fit under your hood