Chopped or Slices?

Looking for everyone’s advice/ comments on green peppers & onions for toppings.
Chopped vs. Slices? Pros & Cons.
Thanks for all of the advice!!

We go with chopped for both onions and green peppers.Mainly for consistency reasons.

We chop our peppers and slice our onions :D.

Julienne both

slice both

Chopped for both here.

Slice both. We use 1/8 fixed cut nemco easy slicer. Diced would be easier to cut and easier to sprinkle on pizzas, but we think slicing looks and tastes better

When I started we julienned them both because we need them for both pizza and subs and diced doesn’t stay on a sub as well. Plus I think it looks better and fresher. But we started dicing for pizza a few months ago and I like it better for pizza. We are thin crust, square cut and it just seems to cover better and give a better bite. So we cycle ours through. After a day or two any leftover sandwich peppers and onions get diced and put on the pizza line.

Slice both. Personally think it looks better and let’s customers know you’re prepping it by hand. Frozen pizzas use chopped (diced).

we slice both also…the other place i worked at chopped the onions and I liked that better…now we slice onions and their doesn’t seem to be much of a difference in taste, just easier to work with.

Diced for some reason just says “cheap product” in my opinion. I guess it’s because a lot of mass produced/frozen items use diced. Hell, who knows.

Mark me down for sliced

I slice. It feels more artistic. I say do what inspires you and it will shine. Love comes through food made with inspiration and passion. Walter


Thanks! I have a great photographer for our website. She is professor of photography at the university in town and has won many awards for her portrait work. This is her first time doing a food shoot and she refuses any payment because of the cause we are about. She does accept pizza though :). IMO top notch website photos are a must for todays artisan pizza shops. Walter

that’s Awesome! that is a great picture; and i love paying people in pizza!! ha ha i have a plumber who works for lasanga!


We also use sliced I think it looks better I also concur that diced looks cheap.

You know him?

His brother does my work :wink:

we slice, then chopo_O