Chopped or Slices?

Thanks for the comments. For what I’m going to be charging for my pies, I don’t want them to look cheap!!

Coarse julienne cut on peppers, Super-thin rings for our onions.
The reasoning on this is because of the visual appeal, and we cross use those veggies on other menu items.
I looked at doing a julienne on onions, but it due to their structure, they just were not a fit for us. Now if I was caramelizing my onions, I’d do julienne so they would hold up better.

I julienned in the beginning for that very reason, that they look better. I also thought it made a pepper taste more like a pepper. But I had many customers that didn’t like them that way. Now that I dice them, I try to do it a little irregular so that it’s clear that they are hand cut and fresh. It also gives the pepper flavor, without it being too much of it. Same with the onion. It’s there without being overpowering.