ChowNow - Is it worth the plunge?


This is my first post with many to follow I’m sure. Anyways, I’m looking for feedback with chownow? There are a lot of people recommending it in the marketing group I’m in.

Anyone have experience?
Pros? Cons?

Thank you!

Can someone chime in

I looked into them about a year ago and this is what I got from my research.
Pros: Their ordering system looks nice and easy for the customer to use. Flat monthly rate rather than a percentage of your sales. You have access to all the email addresses for marketing if you choose. They will create a mobile app for you.
Cons: No POS integration (this may have changed, like I said this was a year ago). Chownow is one of the bigger online ordering companies so they cost a little bit more. There are companies out there that do the exact same thing but for a lower monthly fee.

Any suggestions of other companies?
Ever hear of I360menu

Never heard of that company, but there is OLO, Swalloo, Ordersnapp to name a few. Probably way more that I’m not aware of. I used ordersnapp for a few months. They were solid and reliable never had a problem. Only reason I dropped them was because I needed integration.