Christmas cards

Here’s the front of my Christmas card being mailed to my 3000 best customers. I’m going to include a coupon for something free inside. Found a local artist on craigslist to draw it. For those that haven’t seen the pictures, that’s my Smart car in the picture.

Now that is very cool…

And if you “hand write” greeting and address and use stamps versus meter or permit you will get a way better response…And yes I know that is a lot of work but it will give you a good payback…

Good luck…

That’s sweet. Makes me want to get a custom illustration done.

Great job Paul, VERY creative.

Very nice! I wish you lots of good fortune with such a wonderful idea.

Very creative! I think you will make a great impression.

I’m sure you can find someone locally, I got over 25 responses in a day and a half on my craigslist ad. If anyone is interested the guy I used has a sort of portfolio here:

If you want contact info PM me.

Just wow. This is what genius flows from this board, great idea and job man. Makes me wanna start my own Hannah Bananas comic… OK I gotta go! lol


What did the artist charge you?

Who did you wind up using for the printing?

Paul did you do a custom Christmas card this year?