Christmas Day

Anyone going to be open Christmas Day evening. It is a Saturday. Your friend, Mr. Scrooge

not even thinking about it

Nope. In fact, after a bit of discussion, we’re shutting down on the Eve as well.

Yes, we’re open 365 days a year.

REALLY hard to give up a Fri AND Sat sales, but we are seriously considetring closing both eve and day. Our sales will be poor at best (the couple times we tried, no one was in town). Everyone goes FROM here to their Christmas spot, and being a weekend, I suspect it to be a ghost town that weekend.

Not open eve or day. I can’t imagine it being worth it sales wise.

My car wash usually gets a lot of business those two days. It is always open.

No. Not even worth the time thinking about it. Its one time you can do it without worrying about losing a customer to your competition. Relax and enjoy.

Closed for 3 days 24th, 25th and 26th. Family time is more important than a few lost sales.

We are closing at 8.45pm on Christmas Eve and re-opening Tuesday 4th January. The closure for this length is due to the fact that as Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a weekend they carrry over as Public Holidays on the Monday and Tuesday. Same for New Years Day falling on a Saturday - it carries over to the Monday. This means if we open on any of the actual celebration days and the carry over Public Holidays we have to pay double time and a alf wages for all six days. It’s not worth it even with the 10% Public Holiday surcharge levied.
The way things are looking for 2011 these will be myannual leave days for the year so I will make the most of it.
The joys of living in Australia, but at least it will be summer days.


Clsing early on Friday and closed on Christmas.

Too bad Nick is closing on Christmas day. My wife and I are driving to Athens, Ga to visit our son at UGA since he is stuck there over Christmas working in the animal hospital. I was thinking about a side trip to Grantville to get a train wreck for Christmas dinner :smiley:

I have talked with a number of clients that regrettably will be keeping their closures to a bare minimum…They are dangling over the edge of the “deep abyss” by their fingers and need any revenue they can bring in…

Nope, no way !

still debating might due it with just my family from like 3-9 we usaully don’t but i am like royster stated plus christmas is usually the busiest movie day for theatres and people gotta eat

We are open on Christmas Eve since our place goes “bar/nightclub” at night and it is a Friday. Plus being in a resort town there will be many, many people here on ski vacations looking to eat. This is also our first Christmas Eve open as a pizzeria. We will be closed on Christmas Day. Re-Open Sunday morning for NFL at 10:30!

We are closed on both days.

That being said, the week leading up to the holiday is very busy and the week between Christmas and New Years is one of the busiest weeks of the year. it always makes up for being closed on Christmas Eve and Day, even when it falls on Fri / Sat like this year.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays to all.


We will be open Christmas and expect to do as much or more than a normal Saturday. I look at it as a great way to gain customers. Those loyal big three customers that give us a try on Christmas will never go back!