Christmas Eve

I was wondering how late everyone stays open on Christmas Eve & also how busy you usually are?

normally close @ 3 - this yr, closed all day

I close all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Last year i checked the call display and had missed 3 calls over the 2 days.

I plan to be open Chritmas Eve, regular hours.
I am gearing up for New Year’s Eve…all night long, free delivery, 1/2 price 8" pizzas dine in ot carry out, etc

We are open until 9. It is a light day, maybe half what we do any other day that week, but still profitable and my employees need the hours.

Open 'til 8pm.

Closed Christmas Eve & Day - also close at 8 New Years Eve (it’d be dead til midnight anyway) & open at 4 on New Years Day. We work hard enough all year, our families deserve a little quality time.

We have always been open til 8 on Christmas eve, with mixed sales. Sometimes has been crazy busy and others rather quiet.

we close at 7 pm on christmas eve…i expect it to be slow this year because its on a monday

We are open until 7 pm Christmas eve and are alway very busy. I always leave it up to my staff if they want to work or not so far they always want me to be open. The school kids like the extra hours they get over the Christmas holidays. We are closed on Christmas day and then re open on the 26th

Closed Christmas Eve. Opened 2 years ago until 5, and found it was too much prep and labor to open for 6 hours, and close everything up. for the sales received. Given its a Monday, I would expect none of my regular “Businesses” for lunch, but could get lucky with some big families dining in. Still, $300 at best…not worth missing the day with the family. If my employees need more hours, they can come in on Wednesday morning, when we’ll have to prep everything from fresh after being closed 2 days!

closed both days

We normally open until 9pm and out by 9.30pm, but with it being on a Monday this year (9pm our usual Monday close time) I think we will be all but gone by 8pm.

We are closed Christmas Day but this year due to staffing issues we will also close Boxing Day (26th). I have my son coming from interstate on Boxing Day so we will make it our “Christmas Day”.

Last year I only had Christmas Day off in 17 weeks due to my manager falling down a cliff and injuring his hand. This year he won’t be here as he has recently left us and we have yet been able to replace him. No way I’m doing the long shift again with only one day off.


same hours for me, til 7 PM,

in our resort town we our at capacity and we still close up shop early (around 8 or 9pm) and close chrsitmas day as well, the only day of the year we are closed 9kinda like a mid-break between the craziness.

We’re open for breakfast everyday so we will stay open until 5:00Pm on Christmas Eve and regular hours on New Years.


What is on the breakfast menu?

we open 11-2pm… just enough time to get the people doing last minute shopping and do some extra cleaning… new years eve we close at 8pm… that’s a big chinese food night, not many people eat pizza that day…