Christmas Greetings from Down Under

Hey all you people have a great Christmas.

I’m getting in early as I expect us to be hit hard tomorrow (Sunday). This week has been pretty good and all we need to do is $1400 to do $12k for the first time. Going on how sales were tonight I think we will smash it.

Any way have a good one.

Daddio - I hope Santa brings you some more drivers like he did for me

J-r0kk (Da Man) - I hope those elves get real busy and get your sales and revenues right back up there again

Otis - hoping that some hippies out your way are looking for work and come and help you out (you might even see Nick amonst them :slight_smile: ) so you can keep the dough rolling in

Nick - my old sparring partner - ah, forget it :stuck_out_tongue:

And all you other great people who visit this forum all the very best to each and everyone of you and yor families. … ER13610552

Best regards

Thanks Dave
I got 3 applications this week and when I open after my THREE DAYS OFF they will be top priority.
Merry Christmas and try not to get a sunburn while you are closed.

Dave , my friend, you have been a breathe of fresh air to find. I have found many great voices here on the 'Tank who have given me more support and direction for things in my shop than they will know. I’ve learned a LOT reading here and posting here as well.

You have all given me a Gift of Great Price this year. It is my sincere hope that you find gifts in kind for what you have given me.

Merry Christmas from Mayberry . . . I mean Grantville!

[size=2](our LLC name is actually Malberry Enterprises of all things)[/size]