Christmas Hours

What are you hours going to be over the Christmas weekend? We are already closed on Sundays and we open at 4 on Saturdays…Not sure if it would pay to open on Saturday beings how we close early on Christmas eve, but Monday is a different thing altogether. Just might get busy with everybody else closing down. Thoughts anyone?

Friday 23rd regular hours
Saturday 24th closed
Sunday 25th closed
Monday 26th regular hours

Open Saturday until 8-9. Manager’s call depending on how busy we are. Expect to do maybe $1500
Open Sunday 12-8 Expect to do $1000
Open Monday… Expect to do $4,000

Same as Daddio…if it’s dead on Monday it’ll be a cleaning festival.

Thanks for the input guys…I can see where Steve would be open in a resort town…things are hopping during the holidays…I am thinking of doing what both Daddio & Deacon are doing and closing Sat & Sun & opening Monday.

Close at 6pm on Sat. Closed on Sunday…Regular hours rest of holiday season

I was wondering when this thread was going to come up as I have been wondering myself. I still have to finalize but I think this is what we are going with:

Friday, Dec 23: Regular Hours
Christmas Eve: Close at 6pm
Christmas Day: Closed
December 26th: Closed (as we are always closed Mondays)

I am definitely looking forward to a few days of R&R and gearing up for vacation second week in January!

Not sure if anyone else has worked a Christmas eve, or if its different here, but its going to be BUSY!
Friday till 11
Saturday till 11
Sunday closed! (Christmas)
we usually get a second wave of people ordering that are wrapping gifts and assembling items while the kids sleep.

we are going to close between 8-9 on christmas eve closed christmas day and we are always closed mondays.
we expect to make the almost the same amount of money but in 4 less hours

I understand being open on Christmas Day in a resort town, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only days I refuse to open.

This, despite a job several years ago where I and several others with no family obligations would go in both days to clean, prep for the next day rush, etc. The phone rang off the hook both days…no one answered, and no one told the owner. Some things are sacred. Some days are, too.

Christmas Eve we close at 8, we actually are really busy from 4-8. Christmas day closed and New Years normal hours.

In my delivery driver days, I can remember working until the wee hours of Christmas morning and making so much money and getting so much booze I thought I had died and gone to heaven…

Ditto on that one, except, I’ve nothing to do after the presents are open in the morning, so I’m heading to the shop again this year. It was like a slow Friday night last Christmas. I just can’t think of leaving that money on the table.

Amelmor,do you make your employees come in too?


(being they’re my kids and wife!) :lol:

I have never opened my store on Christmas but the one I have just purchased has been open on Christmas day for years. Despite being surrounded by college students that go home for the holidays, it rocks on Christmas. Just like Thanksgiving, everyone knows it is open and generally the only place open. Since I bought the new store I have had no less than 10 of the employees ask if we will be open Christmas because they look forward to working it and make great tips on Christmas.

Friday …regular hours. Saturday til 4, Sunday Closed. Tried going later last Christmas Eve thinking might get the party order crowd, but never really came. We had a few people come for big wing pizza orders, but by 6, we were dead. I think it 100% depends on the type of establishment and location. I personally would not open on Christmas regardless of how busy. I just need to be selfish sometime and can’t always make it about the money. This is definitely one of those days family comes first.