Christmas sales

For those of you open on Christmas, how was business?

Around here it seemed the few restaurants that were open were packed.

nobody open or that bad a day?

love to know as well…

Not open. Checked caller ID and only had 2 calls.

Our slice location was open. We did about $1500. I was down at our delco afterwards washing dough trays and listening to the phone ring. It rang about 20 times in the hour I was there.

ditto, but I beat you with about 4 calls on the callerID.

My buddies place opened from 4pm until 2:30 am. $3500 in sales. Normal Tuesday about $1800 in sales. There were a whole lot of first time customers since the options for getting food were very limited.

Did $3200 on Christmas day normal about $1600 Most of it late night as we are open 24/7.
I find that in my area no one knows how to cook and no one wants to cook! Lucky for me!!