Christmas wish list

All I want for Christmas is a $1.50 block market. Come on Santa, I’ve been good… mostly.

I wish for (not greedy wanting :smiley: ) a 50% rent reduction so all I am paying is about three times what you guys pay in the US.
I would even believe in Santa if I got it :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, may as well wish for the timely demise of every franchise operation!

But it’s in the 1.70 range now, it was 1.35 last January…ask for 1.50 for the next 5 years, THEN you’ll have a wish worth asking for!

I wish I could buy mozzarella for less than $4.80 a pound.

I will do the best I can for you.

Santa George

I want to oversaturation of the markets by every damn “chain” going national to stop…

I had 6 pizza places open (or relocate) to within a mile of my shop last 12 months…

Dominos moved
N aked Pizza opened
Marcos Pizza opened
3 other indies opened.

Only good thing I can say is I am having best sales over last 2 months I have had at that store since 2005!!! First 11 days of the month and already have done 52% of the sales for the entire month of December last year!!!

I was looking for the LIKE button! Very cool, Dale. It’s amazing what subpar competition can do for you if you don’t panic. I’ve seen it in the pizza biz many times, and several times in the music retail biz. If you freak out and try to change to match them, they’ll eat you alive. If you hold your own course and maintain your integrity, you may not eat them alive, but you will thrive, and probably longer than they will

I have often said over and over and over . . . nothing helps a pizzeria (or other business) like having competition in the marketplace. It gives increased customer awareness of the market, creates competition to keep you sharp and gives you a favorable comparison for customers to view you against.

I struggled for a long time with having no one else in the market for customers to compare me with . . . they lost appreciation for the quality and price often times. . . . until they went on vacation :wink:

Daddio has been sniffing the oven exhaust fumes again . . . I wish you guys up there the best in getting better cheese pricing, but you got t worse than Americans . . . and that’s saying something. Yeah, yeah, Dave too.

Come on Santa, keep it dropping. The block market has dropped over 40 cents in the last 4 weeks! I’m starting to believe.