?_Ciccone: HOTT new concept

Dino, do you know what national restaurant chain grosses over 1 BILLION dollars a year & has NO competition?? It’s HOOTER’S of America. I recently created a HOTT new concept ,with the most popular food item (PIZZA) that can go toe to toe with HOOTER’S . PIZZABABES >>> www.pizzababes.org I am a chef , good at what I do, but I lack the resources to fund this project. I am looking for someone ,who has the clout, the connections,or the capital to fund PIZZABABES.If you have any suggestions ,or might know of someone who would have an interest,lets put our heads together ,along with your valuble resources & see what can be accomplished. Thank you, Ken Anderson 609 6387917

How long have you had this concept idea? I saw this same thing about three or four years ago. Could be a good idea…hey, people laughed at Hooters when they opened. There is also a place in Chicago (I think) called DIcks where the waitstaff are complete @$$holes and come to the table insulting you…it goes against all traditional thinking of customer service but is extremely popular. Keep me informed…

have you ever ran a restaurant before?

I think the name leaves plenty to be desired (Pizzababes) but the concept might be ok if you lean towards wings, beer and pizza versus pizza only.