?_Ciccone: How long can a pizza stay out on a a buffet table

How long can a pizza stay out on the buffet table before getting stale? How about pasta?

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That is a good question and requires some testing. First depending on your unit/manufacter it could already come with those answers or you could call the manufacter and they might already have that info. But what I would do because when it comes to food I trust no ones interpetation as much as I can trust my own. So heres what I would do because lets face it all pizzas are different so I would do a time trial to establish the perameters. So place a pie in the buffet table and start the clock. I would assume it would be good for at least 15 minutes so then check it every 1-2 minutes with a few other people and everyone discuss their findings. You then will have a guidline for, it’s still OK say up to 20 minutes but not OK at 22. Make sure you have a board or somehing to write down times the pie goes in so anyone can see when it has to come out. To reduce waste when it’s not busy make smaller pies that can be cut to roughly same size pieces that you serve. So if normaly you use a large cut into 8, make a small cut into 3. That way your placing/serving fresher small pies instead of wasting time expired large ones. Do same test for the pasta. Hope this helps you thanks for question…Your Friend In Piza…Dino

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Thanks for your quick response! Great suggestion about the smaller pizza cut into same size servings for slower times!—I have another ques.

Anyone know what the trend is or the success rate for buffet vs sit down pizza restaurant? In other words, what are the pros and cons…?

And one more ques! :wink: What’s the best method to adopt when maintaining a buffet as far as the dough/crust production goes? I’m new to the industry, but will be working with culinary instructors and restauranteurs soon (Its just the beginning stages right now), but should I purchase premade dough… and with this, who makes the freshest?