?_Ciccone: Wonderpizza vending machines

Hello Mr. Ciccone;
I’m about to enter the vending machine industry business. I came across the Wonderpizza vending machine and I’m thinking seriously in buying my first 25 machines. My doubts are that at a certain time in the past the former president of Domino’s(Don Vlcek) had seccured the rights for the USA market and somehow nothing ever happened ubtil now were a company in california is starting the business locally with the Wonderpizza machines.
Why did Don Vlcek pull out? or What happened?
If I decide to go ahead do you provide Consulting services on a start up Business in Vending Machines? My idea is to be owner and have control on all my machines and grow.
Thank you,
Roberto Weitz
roweitz@yahoo.com :smiley: