my name is chris and have just turned 24. i have worked in a deli for the last 6 years and i have become well known for subs and pizzas i make through out the local area. i wish to open up a pizza place of my own but lake the knowlege of a real pizza place. the pizza we make comes in a pre fabed form which we let proof and role the edge a little and bake it. i have just applied to several local pizza shops to gain more exsperence but was wondering if you could guide me to any places in which i could learn more about the making of pizzas and other foods from scratch (quality foods has become a standard of mine and the customers that return and wait for me to make their pizzas subs and other foods ) along with ordering and running successful pizza buisness i appreciate and information you can give me
thank you

Hi Chris, thanks for question. In Italy they have pizza schools everywhere which diplomas a student with a degree in pizza. Would solve a lot of problems if we had one here. I think your on the right track to work in a pizzeria for experience. There is also a lot of great pizza cooking books that if your kitchen capable can teach you a lot on the food end of things. The business side is another matter. Hope this helps, good luck. Your friend in Pizza…Dino