Good evening Mr. Ciccone,

My name is Steve Grimes. I am inquiring about how to get started in the pizza business. I have been seriously looking into the industry for a while. I wanted your thoughts and professional suggestions for tips and tactics to beginning my ventures into the realm of this competitive industry.

I am extremely serious about persuing this as my life-long goal and dream. I worked at a pizza place in West Virginia when I was younger, but I worked there for a while and understood how that organization drove its business. I currently live in a town by the name of Wilmington, Ohio. I am currently looking into pricing for ovens, food costs, working on my own wonderful recipes, and of course, the cost of my own location to start my own pizzeria restaurant.

I have been using various internet website resources to research in looking for companies to send me catalogues and more information, so that I can begin to compare. I plan to be here for awhile, or until I find that it is economical to move elsewhere, or open a second location at some point. I do understand that conistency is important.

Your input is extremely valuable to me, and I am swiftly moving forward on this. Thank you for your time and advise. I look forward to hearing from you soon Mr. Ciccone.


Steve Grimes
Pizza Entrepenuer

Hello Steve, thanks for your question. Here is an article I wrote for PMQ, in case it dose not all show up go into archives. Good luck…Dino
S T A R T I N G A P I Z Z E R I A / R E S T A U R A N T

A lot of us baby boomers remember when we would go out to eat was a real treat and very special event; today eating out has become as common as going to school or work. Whether we are grabbing a slice on the run, sitting down to an elegant five star extravaganza or simply anything in between. North Americans are eating out more than ever and there is no sign that this trend will not continue. It seems that there has never been a better time to open a restaurant. Only if done with the utmost careful and complete planning.

By 2011, projections show that the restaurant will operate more than 1.1 million units with sales of $583 billion meaning it will total 55% of every food dollar. If you are confident and smart about it one or more of these enterprises could be yours. 

Even though all indicators suggest a bright future for the food service industry, you already know there are no guarantees only death and taxes as the saying goes.	 Any experienced operator will probably tell that it is not easy the hours are long and you will not get rich over night. If you can manage for the long haul and your recipe is successful, you will realize the fruits of your labors.

The disappointing fact is that many restaurants fail in the first year, mainly due to poor planning and execution. This does not mean you have to be a rocket scientist or it has to be extremely complicated. In fact it is and should be kept as simple as possible. Focus on your market and dominate it. James Flowers owner of M/T Foods saysâ€