Years ago my grand mother made a thin soft pizza with red sauce and it
seems like the cheese was almost greated on, My mouth is watering as
I’m writing this, I would give anything for this recipe or was it just something she made up.

Thanks So Much

Paul Ruby Florida

You won’t believe this but I just ate some the other day. My Moma makes that pizza when ever she makes dough for bread. It is an awesome pizza your right and my sister was just saying that no matter how hard she tries she can not make it like Moma. Here is how she does it. She takes dough thats risen for about 12 hours. Then she puts vegtable lard on a rectangular pan and with a paper towel wipes entire pan. She stretches out the dough by hand and with rolling pin. Next she places plum tomato broken up with it’s juice. Chopped raw garlic, hand torn Italian parsly, season black pepper and salt. Then the cheese your talking about we use is Pecorino Romano some use Parmigano Regiano which is just grated on top. Now lastly drizzle a generous portion of extra virgin olive oil and let the whole thing sit and rise for about half to full hour and bake. Remember, because of sparse toppings you do not have to or need to over cook as it would be hard and too dry. Enjoy,Your friend In Pizza…Dino Zza Man Ciccone