hi i had pizza the other day and the sicilian literally peeled into 2 pieces and taste very salty i had no italian flavor whats the best sauce and or cheese i could recommend to the store thanks a

Hi, thanks for question. If I understand your question you had some sicillian pizza and it seperated in two and very salty. Usually when pizza seperates it means that things could be layered too much and there is not enough binding areas. An example would be if you placed peperoni overtop the entire dough and there were no areas of dough showing were the cheese or other ingredients could melt down and bind to. The saltiness has to be checked through every ingredient. So you have to taste every ingredient on it’s own till you find what has the excessive salt taste and then you would put less of that ingredient or switch to another product that has less salt. The best sauce and cheese is the one your using, meaning that it is all subjective to an individual and area. A cheese or sauce I use might not be available to you. You have to research it in your area and get samples and start tasting. Invite some people who you trust and see what everyone decides. Hope this helps…Dino C