i had a question about pricing toppings. What would you recommend i do if someone orders (for example) 1 large, 1/2 cheese and 1/2 pepperoni. Do we charge them what we would normaly charge for a 1 large topping or half of that. Half the price would seem fair, but i think most places charge the entire price. Please help.

Thank you in advance

We charge the whole pizza at the highest price plus a $1 surcharge for 1/2 and 1/2.

We round to the next whole topping, and most customers know that. we count the total number of topping halfs, divide by two and round up. Works well.

Hi Bobby, I have always charged the full item and not because I am greedy. The consensus is I want to shy customers away from ordering that way. If you don’t charge them then 1/2 becomes 1/3 and leads to 1/4. If you do it for 1/2 then how do you justify the others. In some reataurants there is a plating charge if you split a dish or change the recipe. Wether it is good business practice or not is questionable but if you have a busy place doing any special order really slows things down. Hope this helps…Dino

Thank you very much!!


Wow - lots of options.
We charge the whole pizza at the most expensive half.
But we have a funny pricing scheme that hits “unlimited” pretty quick too.
And we don’t mind 1/2’s or even 1/3’s or 1/4’s. Yeah, they slow us down, but not that much, and it’s just another little thing we do better than other places. Got my POS set up to handle fractions too.

I agree with Dino, but I do 1/2’s only and charge 75% of whole toppings…i have found that the while we rarely screw up orders, the chances of making mistakes with 1/4’s and 1/3’s are greatly increased.