Hi Dino,

I own a very small pizza place in Agawam, Mass. It is a strat up. I have been in business an entire three months. I feel i have a great product. Out of the 50 or so pizza places in Agawam and surrounding towns, i am the only one with a brick oven. We are doing pretty good so far. My question is this… Should i be using semolina or corn meal to use on my peels? So far i i have used semolina, but it seems like the bottem of the pizza burns very fast. I experimented with corn meal today and i think it worked out much better. I gave more of a deep golden brown color. Just for extra info for you my oven is a “SouthWest” oven out of Texas. Is is gas fired and the floor temps reach 750 on the left side and about 650 on the right. What would you recomend?? Any help would be greatly appriciated. One more thing, i do not use sugar in the dough formula. I didn’t think i needed an extra “browning agent”.

Thank you in advance,

Hi, sounds like your on the right track. With your stone temp being so high you will not want to overdress your pies because bottom will cook faster then top. Good Luck