I just recently purchased a deli that is gonna be made into a pizzaria. I have looked around and found a set of Blodgett ovens for a great price, but there seems to be a little wear and tear on em…Does the cosmetics mean anything or is an oven and oven. Also how much work might it need on a monthly basis if i do go with it.

Also we are having a problem with our ventalation, is there any way you can tell me a ball park of what i should be paying?

Hello Pakula,what are you actually asking about the price of oven,ventalation,both?We would need to know what model oven etc…And why on earth would you get into this business if you don’t even know if an oven is working before you bought it.Of course the cosmetics have nothing to do w/ the oven working or not.I would suggest you do a lot of homework before you just jump into this business my friend.

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I in fact have many years in the pizza business under my belt. I am not asking how much to pay or if you like the one I am buying. The question was “does an older oven get the job done”…unfortunaly the only ovens ive worked with were new.

As far as a ventalation system goes…thats not something employees know…Can you tell me what some one has paid? an average. Every job is different but there has to be a ballpark number.

Once again you failed to give us a model# and a year!How can we give a ball park figure w/ out this? Its like asking how much a Cadillac is worth,oh a used one.As for does a used oven work? Of course it works they’re in everyone one of our pizza shops.A used oven is sometimes better because it is already ‘seasoned’.


You need to have it inspected, if not tested. If the guts are in good shape, the answer to your question is roughly $0. Good ovens don’t need work on a monthly basis at all.

<<Also we are having a problem with our ventalation, is there any way you can tell me a ball park of what i should be paying?>>
Not enough info to answer this. Do you mean you need a hood installed?
Do you need a duct or fan replaced? Not certain what to tell you without more detail.

If you need a hood for a pizza oven, as part of your conversion from deli, you need to talk to your town/fire/health departments, as each city has different rules. I needed a full fire-suppression (Ansul) grease hood over my oven, and fireproof ductwork, make-up air system, all drawn by a licensed engineer, installed by a licensed fire wrapper, etc. That kind of project costs over $1200 per linear foot of hood. And there are several other discussions on this board about hood jobs you can search for…

The ovens i was reffering to were an old set of blodgets, they seemed rusted out in many places. I have decided to look for a newer pair of bakers pride. I have no model number yet, but i know im looking for a double stack 4 pie. Is there any other ovens you suggest i look into?

As far as ventalation, I do have to have the 3m tape wrapped around my ducts, and being that i am on the first floor with apts over me the ducts must run over 30 feet out the back.